BARCELONA has lost its identity- Fan blasts board

A long-time supporter of the club ELISHA blasts the board claiming they are the cause of Barcelona losing its identity and what made people attracted to the club earlier. He granted me an interview through WhatsApp during the week where we talked about the club, transfers, problems of the club,solutions and the league in general.

The interview in full;

May my readers meet you?

Yes, I am Omah Elisha, a 4th year medical student of University of Ilorin, I support Futbol Club Barcelona.

Take us down memory lane, how long have you been a Barcelona supporter?

I’ve always liked the name ‘Barcelona’ since I was very young even though I never made it known to anyone initially, I had not even started watching football at that time but ‘FC BARCELONIA’ as I used to call it has always been a vey popular club. It was not until 2008 that I first announced that I was officially a Barça fan and watched my first game.

Can you remember the first Barcelona game you watched?

Oh yes, I will never forget. My first match was Barcelona Vs Manchester United in the CL Semifinal back in 2008 as I already stated.

A lovely game that was and a beautiful team, back to present, are you satisfied with the present situation of club (administration) compared to the past years?

No. I am definitely not satisfied with the running of the club right now.

Why is that?

The club is now run like a business. I know that modern football is changing and the board is trying to keep up so we don’t get left behind but they are going about it very wrongly. They are tarnishing the image of the club, something that has attracted many people in the past

The major attraction is the ‘La Masia’, the last successful graduate was Sergi Roberto and he joined the first team over 5 seasons ago, is this a case of talent drying up or Poor coaching or down to mismanagement?

I think it’s a combination of everything but the board is most responsible. Yes, talents are drying u but that is where the football director, scouts etc. come into play. Recently, the Director of Methodology was fired after 40 years at the club due to disagreement with the board concerning ‘La Masia’

The club has been linked to Rabiot, De Jong and Willian in the past week (coupled with the signing of Lenglet and Arthur) are these players what the club needs now?

To be honest, I haven’t watched De Jong play but I have heard really good things and seen a few videos. He is definitely the kind of player Barca need but I cannot say the same for Willian. He is a good player but he is 30 and not a NEED right now. For Rabiot, well I like him a lot the times I watched him play. If Barca can offload players, then yes, he is a very welcome buy. Arthur and Lenglet are very good signings and they were both essential.

If you were to send a message to the Barca board, what would it be?

It would be ‘Don’t buy Willian for the love of god and football” *Laughs* which would be followed by ‘Resign immediately’

Ronaldo Joining Juventus, in your opinion how will it affect the league in general?

It is definitely a huge loss to the league but I don’t think it will affect the league significantly.

From my earlier article published on this blog, I talked about Barcelona fans claiming Ronaldo conquered Europe not Spain, what is your take on this?

I also believe Ronaldo didn’t conquer Spain, I mean, he won only 2 league titles in his 9 seasons at Real Madrid. That, for me, isn’t ‘conquering’ Spain. This is not to take anything away from him though. He is definitely one of the greatest to have ever played in Spain.

On a final note; What do you think about oyakhisblog?

I always love it when my friends are doing nice things. So, I like the idea of your blog. I like that it is easy to navigate. I just think you should try to get more contents on the blog and also avoid using too many exclamation marks.

Ok, thank you so much for granting me this interview and also for the suggestion and observation.

It is my pleasure. Good luck in your work (blog).


This shows the opinion of how certain part of the fan base feel about the club, in the coming weeks I will get other fans to weigh in on this and as the transfer window is reaching its peak, we look forward to clubs signing new players and making their respective leagues more and more competitive.

Thank you once more Elisha for the interview.



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