‘We want Neymar back’ Messi Confesses

In an interview with Marca, Messi expressed his feelings on family, Neymar, Dembele, Ronaldo’s Invitation to Italy, winning the Champions league again and the Balon d’Or snub. After numerous speculations concerning Barcelona trying to bring back Neymar to the club next summer, Messi said ‘We would love Neymar to return back to the club’, meaning the major heavy weights in the dressing room supports the return of Neymar but Messi admits that the transfer will be difficult.

On Family, Messi said ‘I love football but family is above everything’ he talked about how Thiago (his first son) forces him to comment on what happened and explain anytime Barcelona do not win. Messi also said he would not force his children to play football, when they are older, they will decide what they want and he would support them. He just wants them to be happy.

Barcelona’s Lionel Messi scores his side’s second goal of the game

On Ronaldo’s invitation for Messi to join him in Italy he said ‘The rivalry with Cristiano was very healthy and very beautiful for the fans but Barcelona is my home, I am happy here’ he continued, ‘Every season there is a renewed motivation and challenge to win it all again, I do not see myself leaving Barcelona’

Messi promised the Camp Nou earlier this season that his team will try to bring the Champions League home this season after a disgraceful performance for three years running. Messi said ‘We already said it at the beginning, The Champions League is very special for what it means and we would like to win it again’. Messi also expressed his desire to reunite with Pep Guardiola, ‘I would like to work with Guardiola someday again, he is one of the best but it would be very difficult’.

Messi on his recent freekick success, ‘It is different from Penalty, in a free-kick, you have a wall, a distance, there is no pressure because if you miss nothing will happen however in a penalty there is a lot of pressure, the goal keeper has less pressure’ he continued ‘Today everything is studied, mistakes, the game everything is analyzed, nothing remains to chance, you have to practice always and find other ways’.

Messi when asked if he was not tired of winning the golden shoe, he said ‘It is a nice prize because it is for everyone. It is a prize for the team, that’s how I see it’. He also said ‘I was listening to the Balon d’Or nominees and I knew I would not be in the fight, I knew I was not going to be there and I did not care if I was second, third, fourth or fifth’.

Messi on Dembele he said ‘On the pitch he is a phenomenon, he has unique qualities, it depends on him where he wants to go, he has all the possibilities to achieve what he wants, he can be without a doubt one of the best players in the world because of these qualities.

Messi ends the year with 47 goals scored for Barcelona, and leading his team to top of La Liga, Round of 16 in the Champions League where they would face Lyon next year. He will hope to continue his form in 2019 and win all trophies for Barcelona as promised.

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